SURF Research Access Management: collaborating easily and securely in research services

Research services are sometimes very specific, with a small user group per institution. Researchers often spend a lot of time arranging secure access to the systems they need for their research. A new service provides research collaborations with fast, easy, and secure access: SURF Research Access Management.

Onderzoeker achter computer waarop onderzoeksdata te zien is

How came SURF Research Access Management into being?

The creation of SURF Research Access Management as a service was preceded by a number of initiatives and developments prompted by the worldwide collective need to respond to the identity and access challenges facing researchers' research services.

The FIM4R initiative recorded the identity and access challenges in a report. In Europe, the Authentication and Authorization for Research Collaborations (AARC) project was launched in response, resulting in a Blueprint architecture (AARC BPA). SURF used that architecture in the Science Collaboration Zone (SCZ) project and developed a service from it: SURF Research Access Management.