SURFcumulus Application Delivery: flexible working and studying in the cloud

Give your students and staff access to applications anytime, anywhere and with their own devices. SURFcumulus Application Delivery helps make education more flexible and relieves your IT department at the same time.

Studenten met laptop aan tafel

SURFcumulus Application Delivery service

With SURFcumulus Application Delivery, you give users centralised access to all your applications. This applies to both local applications and applications in the cloud and with either managed or unmanaged devices. Implementation is therefore a complex process of four phases, involving different roles and responsibilities.


    Onboarding only needs to be done once, in the form of a project. During this phase, together with the supplier IT-Workz, we build the service. This includes:

    • Preparing all systems and environments for service provision.
    • Integrating services and (internal) infrastructure, such as storage, printing.
    • Automating the application installation process.

    At the end of this phase, we make the service start-up ready. We now determine one or more start-up moments together. In terms of preparation and fine-tuning, this is fixed:

    • A comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this, we make agreements on, for instance, the availability of the portal and the speed with which we keep applications and security measures up-to-date.
    • A Document Appointment Procedures (DAP). In this, we make arrangements about, for example, contact moments and which contact persons from your institution, IT-Workz and SURF are involved.
    • How we handle privacy-related issues. SURF has previously concluded an internal DPIA for processors and a processor agreement with the service provider IT-Workz. In this phase, we complete the standard processor agreement between SURF and you as an institution.

    Once you have started, we will make applications available through a central portal, independent of time, place and equipment. Through this portal, students and staff launch the applications they work or study with.

    The core of SURFcumulus Application Delivery: making and keeping the portal and applications available in a safe and user-friendly way. IT-Workz maintains and updates the applications and installs and manages the necessary servers and services. Your institution purchases Microsoft Azure resources itself via SURFcumulus.

    You also have extensive insight into reports. For example, you manage the relevance of your applications.

    Cloud infrastructure

    Institutions taking SURFcumulus Application Delivery purchase the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure via SURFcumulus. Thus, everyone benefits optimally from favourable purchasing conditions.

    Roles and responsibilities within SURFcumulus Application Delivery

    SURFcumulus Application Delivery service consists of three parties: IT-Workz as supplier, SURF and institutions themselves.


    SURF acts as strategic buyer and contract holder. We purchase the service and charge a minimum service fee to cover service costs. This makes SURFcumulus Application Delivery is an operating service and cost-neutral.

    SURF also has a director's role. For institutions, SURF is the formal point of contact. For IT-Workz, SURF acts as director of service delivery. In practice, you therefore work with IT-Workz intensively in operational terms.


    IT-Workz carries out the operational services. To unburden institutions, SURF went through a European procurement process. There is no need to enter into an individual procurement process, or to make (legal, privacy, security, or procurement-related) investments.

    ICT departments of institutions

    The institution's ICT department has a relatively simple role of consumer of the service.