SURFcumulus: safe and easy access to the cloud

If you want to make lawful and secure use of cloud services provided by top suppliers, you should make use of SURFcumulus. SURF put out the tender, allowing your institution to use these services pay-as-you-go. We also monitor quality, security, and legislation on an ongoing basis and organise training courses.

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SURFcumulus: a customized cloud environment

SURFcumulus supports all cloud matters, from management to governance. With SURFcumulus, you're definitely on the up!

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Would you also like to use SURFcumulus Professional Services?

Do you need help setting up a landing zone or performing a cloud migration? Or do you lack the knowledge and experience to manage your cloud environment? Find out how SURFcumulus Professional Services can help you!

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Three benefits of SURFcumulus Professional Services

  1. Choice of the best cloud specialists
  2. SURF's help in specifying your needs and formulating an assignment
  3. No need for your own tender

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Why SURFcumulus?

SURFcumulus started in 2016 with six universities of applied sciences; now almost all members of the SURF cooperative use SURFcumulus. Read more about SURFcumulus and what we can do for your institution.

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Cloud Advisors

Want to know more about cloud services from SURF? Please contact us.
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