SURFcumulus: safe and easy access to the cloud

Would you like to expand your data center, but do you run into limitations of your own data management? Store your data center easily and securely in the cloud with SURFcumulus. You can choose from a wide range of IaaS services, which we will make sure to check for quality, security and legitimacy. The future of ICT services lies in the cloud.

afbeelding van cloud iconen verbonden in een netwerk

Service levels

With SURFcumulus, you can choose between 2 service levels: SURFcumulus and SURFcumulus light. Read below what each service level has to offer and what the differences are between the service levels.

SURFcumulus is available in 2 different Service Levels: SURFcumulus and SURFcumulus Light.

SURFcumulus SURFcumulus Light SURFcumulus 
Number of providers all all
Procurement, contract management, audits -
SVP (Service Virtualisation Platform) -
Onboarding support -
SDM support (hours per year) -
Member of working group -
Member of steering group -
Use of cloud management portal -
Provider management -
SPOC and 24/7 helpdesk -
Professional services -
Split billing -
Workshops -
Training (Azure en AWS) only when space is available


In the case of SURFcumulus, all the facets shown in the diagram are included.

SURFcumulus Light

With SURFcumulus Light:

  • Choose from the cloud suppliers that we have legitimately tendered;
  • SURF continues to provide strategic contract management and periodic audits of data classification;
  • Guides you in concluding the contracts with the cloud suppliers;
  • You then agree onboarding directly with these suppliers;
  • Contact them yourself in the event of incidents;
  • You can register for further education and training courses when there is room left;
  • You can make use of specific SURFcumulus workshops at an operational and tactical level for a fee.

You do not pay a subscription fee for SURFcumulus Light. You only have access to the public cloud providers of the SURFcumulus offering and cannot use any service components other than those described above.

Service description

Read more about the different service levels in the Dienstbeschrijving SURFcumulus (Dutch).