SURFdomeinen: register and manage domain names yourself

As an IT administrator, you easily register and migrate Internet domains using the SURFdomains service. Managing the DNS is also easy through the online portal. You make your changes in real time.

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SURF has 3 DNS resolvers for its customers to use:

Host name IPv4-address IPv6-address 2001:610::800b:195:169:124:124 2001:610:3:200a:192:87:36:36 2001:610:1:800a:192:87:106:106

Configuring resolvers

It is only possible to use the SURF resolvers if your Internet connection runs via the SURF network, and your institute's security policy allows you to configure your resolver. If in doubt, please contact your local system administrator or IT service centre.


The SURF DNS resolvers also support DNS-over-TLS. If you want to use the strict profile for DNS-over-TLS, you need a public key fingerprint. For all SURF DNS resolvers, this fingerprint is: