SURFdrive: store and share your files securely in the cloud

Store, synchronise and share your documents easily with SURFdrive. SURFdrive is a personal cloudservice for the Dutch education and research. Your documents are kept safe and sound in our communitycloud. 


Studenten delen bestanden zittend in de gang

SURFdrive for users

SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for Dutch education and research with which you can easily store, synchronise, and share files. You can do this in the safe and reliable SURF communitycloud.

Secure and easy data sharing

Bestanden delen SURFdrive

A secure alternative to commercial cloud storage services is now available for users in Dutch education and research. SURF offers the SURFdrive service, which we have developed in close collaboration with CvDUR (ICT directors at the universities). SURFdrive makes it easy to synchronise files and share them with other users. Secure within a community cloud and with a large amount of storage space. With SURFdrive, SURF complies with Dutch and European privacy legislation. For example, SURFdrive has terms of use that guarantee safe use, whereby you remain the owner of your own data. The data is stored securely in the Netherlands and is never passed on to third parties. In addition, SURF does not provide any user data to third parties.

500 GB storage

Each user is provided with 500 GB of storage space. Offline sync allows you to access your files from anywhere at any time. It is also possible to give guest users access to files. The data is sent encrypted over the networks.

Access to SURFdrive

Institutions in the education and research sector purchase the SURFdrive service and manage user access. If your institution grants you access, you can then easily log in to SURFdrive via SURFconext. This means that you can access your data using your own institutional account. SURFdrive can be accessed from all common computers, tablets and smartphones based on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android.


    Among other things, SURFdrive offers:

    • offline synchronization, so you always have your files at your fingertips
    • easy and secure file sharing within education and research
    • share documents with guest users
    • real-time insight into changes made to documents by others
    • optimization for use with smartphone and/or tablet
    • backup & recovery of 30 days
    • availability of 99.5%

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