SURFeduhub: secure exchange of educational data

SURFeduhub is the platform for sharing educational data between Dutch educational institutions. Safely and via open standards. For example, students can easily view the educational offerings of their own institution and those of other institutions, as well as timetable or study progress information.

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SURFeduhub and Registratie Instellingen en Opleidingen (RIO)

SURFeduhub will become the standard for filling the Registratie Instellingen en Opleidingen - RIO (Registration of Institutions and Study Programmes) of DUO in higher education. By mid-2022 SURFeduhub will be linked and institutions can prepare for uploading educational data automatically to RIO in the future.

SURFeduhub service development for linking to RIO

SURF is working on technical modifications to both the SURFeduhub service and the OOAPI v4 standard so as to enable linking to RIO. We are launching the new version; OOAPI v5 standard. The institutions' endpoints must then be converted to endpoints based on OOAPI v5. A number of institutions are participating in a pilot to realise this.

Pilot to convert and connect endpoints

The pilot participants will implement an OOAPI endpoint in July. These institutions have been selected in such a way that all major SIS (Student Information Systems) suppliers are represented and various types of OOAPI endpoints are used.

Technical drop-in sessions for all institutions

For all institutions, we organise monthly technical drop-in sessions for technical questions about implementing an OOAPI endpoint and specific questions about the 'mapping' between the OOAPI endpoints and RIO. The first session is scheduled for Wednesday 13 July and new dates will follow.

Connection to SURFeduhub

From 1 September, all institutions will be able to start building or rebuilding an OOAPI endpoint. Once that has been done, SURF will connect the institution to SURFeduhub. We will take until the end of December to test it with all the parties involved: institutions, DUO, suppliers, and SURF.