Edge-oriented Technologies within Lab

We all use the cloud, and the cloud also offers many opportunities for research and education. For example, for collecting real-time data. In this theme, we investigate new cloud technologies, especially edge computing and Internet of Things.

Labs thema edge oriented technologies


In the Techport, we support the development of prediction models for the process industry. We are building a secure cloud infrastructure for this purpose, to collect and share data and support different cloud environments.

Why are we doing this project?

Techport is a fieldlab in the province Noord-Holland, a network of research universities, colleges, universities of applied sciences, companies and government bodies that is committed to the future of industry. A fieldlab is a practical environment in which companies and knowledge institutions develop, test and implement targeted solutions and where students and PhD students learn how to apply these solutions.

Techport focuses, among other things, on new prediction models for the process industry. Data can be generated for these models using internet of things technology. In the fieldlab, we want to develop a safe and reliable, neutral software/cloud infrastructure to collect and share real-time sensor data and generate models with it.

What are the main activities?

  • Developing a cloud infrastructure for collecting and sharing sensor data and for generating prediction models.
  • Acquiring knowledge of the use of public clouds (Azure) in combination with private clouds

Who are we collaborating with?

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) is part of this project through the Amsterdam Center for Business Analytics, a multidisciplinary partnership with business, mathematics and computer science as the main participants.