Annual Overview 2018

SURF in 2018: New records, new challenges: SURF's Annual Overview 2018 provides an overview of the activities and results of collaboration within the SURF cooperative.


Driving innovation together. That is our mission. For more than thirty years, SURF has been THE ICT collaborative organisation of educational and research institutions in the Netherlands. Together with universities, senior secondary vocational education (MBO) institutions, research institutes and university medical centres, we work on ICT facilities and innovations. Read more

SURF cooperative members 2018

Nearly 100 SURFacademy meetings

3,733 participants were inspired by current ICT themes for education and research professionals. Read more

SURFacademy review: 3.733 participants and 96 meetings
medewerkers van instelling kijken naar een mock up van windmolens

Green ICT and Sustainability: more green

Together with various institutions, we looked at how we can make things more sustainable in the areas of green electricity, e-waste and socially responsible purchasing of ICT.

SURFspot review 2018

Students save 30 million euros with SURFspot

Students placed 308,587 orders with SURFspot. Employees and researchers ordered 71,948 times. Read more about SURFspot.


From the network to the transmission of large files, from joint purchasing to Cybersave Yourself, under the heading of ICT facilities, we offer users the best ICT solutions and create new opportunities.

Content purchasing Jaaroverzicht 2018
studenten ontvangen SURF Security en Privacy Award 2018

Award ceremony: SURF Security & Privacy Award 2018

In 2018, five Amsterdam students received the SURF Security and Privacy Award 2018 for the ‘Sleepwet referendum’ (a referendum on a new intelligence law for the Dutch intelligence and security services).

OZON large-scale cyber crisis exercise

Fifty institutions participated in the OZON crisis exercise. Read more

mensen achter laptop tijdens cybercrisis OZON


eduroam in more than 100 countries worldwide

The eduroam network is available at 1,500 locations in the Netherlands and at 25,528 locations worldwide. Read more

SURFnet8: the network of the future

Within Project SURFnet8, SURF is working on the further development of the permanent part of the national education and research network. Read more

SURF test 5G in Groningen

SURF is investigating potential applications of 5G for educational and research institutions. Read more

SURF network infographic annual overview 2018 (EN)

1.5 million users of SURFconext

New SURFconext record: more than 3.6 million logins in the first week of classes. Read more

SURFconext: 970 connected institutions and 164 particpating institutions
SURFfilesender: 18.614 unique users, 413 GB largest sent file and 261.986 files sent

SURFfilesender: 18.614 users

SURFfilesender has 18.614 users in 2018, the largest file sent is 413 GB. Read more

SURFdrive: 40.708 users and 631 TB of storage space

SURFdrive: 631 TB of storage space

40.708 members share their files with SURFdrive. Read more

SURFcumulus: 4 out of 5 SURF members uses SURFcumulus

SURFcumulus: 4 out of 5 SURF members

Take your data centre securely and easily to the cloud with SURFcumulus. Read more


Innovating together with research communities

Within the SURF Open Innovation Lab, we gained experience with machine learning, quantum computing, and 3D printing for scientific visualisation.

Life sciences: understanding how life works

We worked on Virtual Humans, a film about the possibilities of high-performance computing to delve deeper into the processes that take place in the body. And we concluded a successful proof of concept for a national service desk for international researchers.

Social sciences: securely linking and analysing data

Together with the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), SURF is working on a virtual IT environment where researchers can analyse linked data in a high-performance computing environment: the ODISSEI Data Facility.

skelet met tekst 'virtual humans'

347 million hours logged on the National Supercomputer

311 researchers used the Cartesius supercomputer. Read more

Nationale Supercomputer Cartesius has 311 users and used core hours are 241,2 million and 347 million

HPC Cloud: 435 virtual machines per day

Together, researchers used 15.6 million core hours. The maximum measured amount of stored data was 261 TiB. Read more

HPC Cloud: 261 TiB stored data, 15,6 mln. core hours and 435 virtual machines
Lisa Compute Cluster: 51 mln CPU and 3,1 mln GPU

Large-scale calculations with Lisa Compute Cluster

Researchers used 51 million core hours on the CPU cluster (core processing units) and 3.1 million core hours on the GPU cluster (graphics processing units). For example, to train computers in recognising tumour tissue. Read more

National Grid Infrastructure: growth of stored data, research data

Grid: data of astronomical proportions

Researchers processed 213 PB of research data, for which 16.9 million tasks were performed during a total of 97.8 million core hours. Read more

Sharing knowledge about open science

man en vrouw kijken naar data op laptop
Data Archive: stored research data in petabytes

Data Archive continues to grow

At the end of 2018, 63.5 PB of research data were stored on the Data Archive. That is a growth of 13 PB compared to the year before.

New services provided in 2018

Object Store

Object Store is an online storage service for storing large amounts of research data. Read more

Research Drive

Research Drive is for research teams that want to store and share large amounts of data. Read more


eduVPN makes unfamiliar networks secure by setting up an encrypted connection. Read more


MBO-Lat (LAT in English: Educational Resources Analysis Tool) gives institutions in the senior secondary vocational education (MBO) institution sector greater grip and insight into educational resources.

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Milestone: 50,000 publications on HBO Kennisbank

At the beginning of September, the HBO Kennisbank reached the milestone of 50,000 online publications and theses. Read more

HBO kennisbank: 849.908 visitors, 25 participating institutions and 50.000 publications

60% more visitors to

You can find information about copyright issues and related laws and regulations on Read more 59.030 visitors website and 55 participating institutions
SURFsharekit: 20 participaing institutions

20 institutions use SURFsharekit

With SURFsharekit, you can store research publications, graduation projects, and OERs digitally and sustainably. Read more

40 institutions to get started with the Acceleration Plan

The Association of Universities, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and SURF have jointly drawn up the four-year Acceleration Plan for Educational Innovation with ICT. Watch the video

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Surf Onderwijsawards 2019

Events and meetings in 2018

SURF Education Days

Successful SURF Education Days on 6 and 7 November in Den Bosch.

Cloud Event

The Cloud Event brought together professionals in the field of cloud service development for education and research.

Challenge Day

Challenge Day 2018: working together on educational innovation.

250 visitors during Super Day

The latest developments in the field of high-performance computing and data technology for scientific research. Read more

Looking back on the Strategic Plan 2015-2018

SURF’s Strategic Plan 2015-2018 gave direction to the collaboration between the institutions within SURF during this period. Each year, the themes of this Strategic Plan were translated, together with the institutions, into annual plans with concrete results. Read more

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