Core activities

Educational and research institutions work together within SURF to make full use of the opportunities of digitisation. We do this by bundling demand and sharing knowledge, but also by developing and delivering the best possible digital services and above all by continuing to innovate.


Together with institutions, companies and users, we experiment with new technologies, concepts and forms of collaboration. We also serve as a testing ground for pilots in order to test new applications in large user groups. 

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We ensure that users have easy access to high-quality ICT services: from large-scale computing power, data storage to network connections and collaboration infrastructures. 

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Knowledge sharing and exchange

Through our communities, publications, study tours and events, we share knowledge of SURF and the member institutions. SURF is thus a centre of expertise and a meeting place.

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Joint purchasing 

We also jointly purchase, manage and distribute software, cloud services and content. By bundling questions, we can negotiate better conditions. Innovation, demand aggregation and service provision go hand in hand.

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