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Brief report of the SURF Council of Members 7 October 2020

On 7 October, SURF's 17th members' council meeting took place by videoconferencing. Members are excited about the draft 2Year Plan and SURF's Executive Board presented a proposal for strategy development 2020-2021.

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Brief report of the SURF Council of Members 17 June 2020

On 17 June, SURF's 16th members' council meeting took place via videoconferencing. The core package for 2021 was adopted, the sector priorities for the SURF 2Year Plan 2021-2022 were shared with the Member Council, and a decision was taken on SURF's legal structure.

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Erwin Bleumink and Jan Bakker hand over management responsibilities to new Board of Directors

Over the past year, SURF has taken important steps towards a more streamlined and innovative organisation for our members. In 2020, we are presenting a new SURF. This also means that Erwin Bleumink and Jan Bakker are saying goodbye to SURF as directors. We are very grateful to them for their strong commitment and contributions to the SURF cooperative.

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The priorities of the sectors for the 2YP 2021-2022 are known

In the period January to May, SURF members set their priorities for 2021-2022 sector by sector. These form the basis for the SURF 2Year Plan that we will be drawing up. Many of the priorities match nicely with the MYA 2019-2022 and the projects already underway based on this. The necessary synergy can be found across the sectors, which provides a good basis for the follow-up.

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SURF Board of Directors complete following the appointment of Ron Augustus as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

On Wednesday 13 May, the SURF Members' Council appointed Ron Augustus as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) and member of the SURF Board of Directors. He will start his new role on 1 September 2020. Following the previous appointment of Jet de Ranitz as President and CEO, and Hans Louwhoff as Chief Operations Officer (COO), the new SURF Board of Directors is now complete. Together, the members of the Board of Directors will continue to build SURF's future.

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SURF 2Year Plan 2021-2022: sectors inform each other on 20 May

On 1 June next, all sectors and the SURF organisation will provide their own priorities as input for the SURF 2Year Plan 2021-2022. On 20 May, there will still be a good week to go before the submission date: many priorities will then be in the picture and at the same time there will still be an opportunity to refine or supplement priorities. That is why there will be an exchange moment between sectors that afternoon.  The final priorities will be sent to the Members' Council at the beginning of June for discussion on 17 June.

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Hans Louwhoff appointed as Chief Operations Officer of SURF

Today, SURF's Members' Council appointed Hans Louwhoff as Chief Operations Officer and member of SURF's Executive Board. He will start on 1 June 2020. Together with Jet de Ranitz as Chairwoman of the Executive Board and the yet to be appointed Chief Innovation Officer, he will form the new Executive Board. With the appointment of Ellen van Schoten and Saskia Vlaar, the Supervisory Board will also be complete again as of 1 April.

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SURF 2019 Annual Review: Great milestones for SURF

Driving innovation together – that's SURF's mission. Last year we achieved great results working alongside our members: universities, universities of applied sciences, senior secondary vocational education (MBO) institutions, research institutes and university medical centres. Read all about it in our 2019 Annual Review.

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Brief report of the SURF Council of Members 25 March 2020

On 25 March, SURF's 14th members' council meeting took place. Not as usual at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, but via video conferencing. One new member of the board of diretors and 4 Supervisory Board members were appointed. The legal structure, the membership policy and the procedure for drawing up the SURF 2Year Plan 2021-2022 were also discussed.

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Anwar Osseyran bids farewell to the SURF Board

Due to health reasons, Anwar Osseyran has decided to resign from his duties as Director of SURFsara and is therefore also stepping down as a member of SURF's Executive Board. Anwar will, however, continue to work as an advisor for the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research until mid-2021.

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Brief report of the SURF Council of Members 11 December 2019

On 11 December, SURF's 13th members' council meeting took place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. It was an important meeting of the members' council, at which a number of appointments to key positions took place. Below you can read a short report of the meeting with the most important points.

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Jet de Ranitz appointed as new CEO SURF

In order to provide optimum support for cooperation and innovation in the field of ICT in education and research in the coming years, the SURF Members' Council elected a number of new executives this afternoon. Jet de Ranitz has been appointed Chairwoman of the Executive Board. In this role, she also acts as CEO.

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Impression of the SURF Members' Council 9 October 2019

The SURF's members' council meeting took place on 9 October at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. What was discussed and decided? Discussions included the changes in the composition of the members' council, SURF's new governance structure and the financial state of affairs.

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SURF is changing in order to realise ambitions in digitisation of education and research

15 October 2019 - SURF has great ambitions for the digitisation of education and research. To achieve this, we need to increase the involvement of our member institutions and improve the governance of the SURF cooperative. On 9 October, the SURF member council agreed to plans to achieve this, including a reorganisation of SURF.

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