SURF operating companies

SURF has divided its activities among three operating companies: SURFmarket, SURFnet and SURFsara.

Within SURF, joint services are developed and offered on the basis of long-term plans. These plans shall be adopted and approved by the members. Institutions purchase a service by concluding a service agreement with the operating company providing the service.


SURFmarket is the procurement organisation of SURF. SURFmarket ensures that institutions can purchase software, cloud services and digital content under the best possible conditions. Part of SURFmarket is the webshop SURFspot. SURFspot offers employees and students affordable software and other ICT products for home use.

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SURFnet offers fast network connections and easy and secure access to ICT facilities. This allows users in the fields of education and research to work and collaborate easily, reliably and without the restrictions of borders.

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SURFsara is the centre of expertise for high-performance computing (HPC) services, data management and storage, cloud, e-science support and visualisation. SURFsara provides support for advanced research, in which (large-scale) data plays a major role, including services provided by SURFsara.

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