Work fields of SURF

SURF focuses on three fields: education, research, and ICT.

Education & ICT

Technology can help make education more accessible and flexible. Digitisation can also contribute to improving the quality of education. This requires a great deal of effort. In cooperation with the institutions, we explore and develop new technical possibilities.

This is what we do for Education & ICT (Dutch only)

Research & ICT

The evolution of new methods for data analysis and data use have a major impact on the future practice of scientific research. As a researcher, you must be able to collect, share, process, analyse and store data. Because researchers work with ever larger and complex models and data files, more and a lot of computer capacity is needed. We want researchers to have unlimited and user-friendly access to secure, advanced and well-integrated data, computing and networking facilities. We support researchers with multidisciplinary expertise.

This is what we do for Research & ICT

ICT facilities

The needs and ambitions of the members of SURF in the field of education and research require a good ICT infrastructure and ICT services. SURF's services range from procurement and contract management to physical facilities such as the national supercomputer, network connections and data storage to processes such as procurement and contract management.

This is what we do for ICT facilities