Thematic issue: From a vision on education to organising the digital learning environment

How do you translate your vision on education into a digital learning environment? On the basis of 6 case studies of institutions that have undergone this process, this issue discusses frequently recurring components of institutions' visions on education and the effect these components have on the organisation of the learning environment.

Digitale leeromgeving

A learning environment that provides optimal support for education

Organising the digital learning environment to ensure that it is secure and reliable but at the same time accommodates the needs and wishes of different users is a major challenge. The document 'A flexible and personal learning environment' describes this challenge from a technical perspective. This thematic issue (PDF) looks at the educational side: how can you create a digital learning environment that provides optimal support for education?

Content of the document

In order to get a good idea of important factors in this transition and how institutions are dealing with this challenge, discussions were held with experts from six institutions. The findings were converted into six case studies. This issue examines characteristic components of the vision on education that recur within many institutions, and how these components affect the organisation of the learning environment. The second section explains the role of didactical issues. The third and final section provides an overview of the main do's and don'ts.

For whom

This issue is intended for administrators, managers, educational experts, IT experts and policy advisers in the field of education and IT who are working on or involved in developing and organising a digital learning environment.

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