Thematic issue: Innovations in digital assessment, assessment as an integral part of the learning process

This thematic issue reports on the future of assessment methods. Six experts discuss the changes in educational assessment using digital technology. Examples are also given based on current SURF projects and good practices.

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From ‘assessment of learning’ to ‘assessment for learning’

In this edition – titled Innovations in digital assessment (PDF) – six professionals from different disciplines and perspectives show how the landscape is changing from ‘assessment of learning’ to ‘assessment for learning’. The 12 case studies, including experiences from the innovation scheme 'Digital Assessment for Customised Education', show that the future is closer than we think.

Digital assessment: improving education

It is often thought that the aim of digital assessment is efficiency: large numbers of students can be tested at the same time, correcting is less time-consuming and there is much less paper involved. While this is true, the potential offered by digital assessment for improving education is equally as important. For example, it enables direct feedback to be provided to students, and enables tests to be adapted to different student levels. These are just some of the examples provided in this publication about how digital assessment can improve education.

Inform and inspire

This thematic edition aims to inform and inspire you about the future of assessment in education. Working together is essential for achieving innovation. This has been shown by previous projects and experiences in different institutions: working together fuels innovation.

For whom?

This publication is intended for all professionals in the teaching and further education sector.

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Innovation scheme: Digital assessment for customised education 2015-2016
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