Themed publication Continuous development of a digital learning environment

A digital learning environment is never finished. That does not fit with an educational environment, as it should constantly be adapting to educational developments and insights. In this publication you will read the lessons learned from 5 Dutch higher educational institutions who continuously developed their digital learning environment.

Continue doorontwikkeling in de digitale leeromgeving

How to organise governance of the digital learning environment?

Digital learning environments of educational institutions have developed into complex environments that are made up of different systems and applications. It is necessary to revise or add certain parts of digital learning environments regularly. This requires organisation, management, and governance. Organising governance on the development of the digital learning environment is for many educational instititutions an important and complex issue.

Lessons learned

How do you control the continous development of a digital learning environment? These are the 6 lessons learned from the 5 Dutch educational institutions:

  1. Organise clear governance of continuous development
  2. Education is leading
  3. Connect with the culture of the organisation
  4. Clear terminology and scope of programmes and projects
  5. Standardise the change process
  6. Organise professionalisation and support