ICT and cloud coordination

ICT organisations, often characterised primarily as a management organisation, require complete control of all the own services. The rapidness of ICT changes makes this increasingly difficult. ICT organisations can solve this by organising themselves as an ICT coordinating organisation. SURF supports the transition from management to coordination.

Implementing ICT and cloud coordination

The institution's ICT organisation definitely does not have to offer all ICT services itself. For example, commodity services can easily and effectively be purchased in the cloud from third-party suppliers. However, there are certain services that you will not want to outsource, for example because sensitive information is involved or because they are critical for primary processes. You will want to manage such services yourself or within an education and research community.

More changes

Taking the step to outsource services is not something an institution can do without serious preparation. It is not simply a question of 'shutting down' an internal service and then paying for an external service inside or outside 'the cloud'. In order to take this step effectively, internal changes are needed in work procedures, processes and competencies. If the transition to the cloud is carried out properly, it helps the institution to provide better service to its customers and to focus on high-quality education, research and care. SURF can support this transition by providing services that facilitate the transition to effective sourcing and cloud implementation or by itself delivering these services as well as by acquiring and sharing knowledge. Independently and objectively.

Support by SURF

SURF supports institutions in various ways when it comes to staying in control of ICT and in transforming themselves into an ICT coordinating organisation:

  1. Knowledge sharing and expertise
    SURF provides knowledge and expertise that facilitate the transition to an effective cloud strategy and ICT coordination framework by making best practices and tools available.
  2. Training courses
    SURF organises training courses and workshops on various cloud and ICT coordination-related topics, ranging from strategic to operational aspects and covering general issues as well as those linked to the use of a specific cloud service.
  3. Co-creation of services
    SURF carries out projects, in collaboration with its members, focusing on the provision of cloud-based services. Together, we work on tailor-made solutions for SURF members, whereby we store and share knowledge in a centralised fashion.
  4. Public cloud services offered
    Educational institutions can purchase various types of cloud solutions via SURFmarket under favourable conditions and prices.
  5. Cloud services offered by SURF
    SURF provides services that institutions can purchase. These range from storage in the cloud to services that are in part coordinated by SURF.

Tell us about the challenges you face and ask us questions

Are you facing challenges related to ICT or do you have questions related to ICT and cloud coordination? If so, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to look at your specific situation and inform you about the possibilities of making optimum use of cloud-based or other types of solutions.

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