Students, lecturers and researchers increasingly expect open access to research results and educational resources any time, any place and on any device. SURF offers secure cloud services which can be useful in this regard and offer many benefits. We can also help you with any questions you may have regarding privacy, security and new contracts.

Making the most of cloud services

The cloud offers end users and ICT managers at education institutions access to high-quality ICT services, as well as great freedom of choice. Joining forces with SURF will allow you to make the most of the many benefits cloud services have to offer and enjoy the advantages of combined purchasing power. SURF supports institutions in the use of services in the public cloud, the SURF community cloud or a combination of both (mix & match services). The appropriate choice will depend on the institution's needs. This approach is part of the SURF Cloud Strategy 2015-2018.

Getting started with cloud services

The implementation of cloud services will have an impact on your organisation and will require a plan-based approach. SURF offers a varied range of cloud services against favourable conditions. SURF can also offer support and advice on the optimal use of cloud services. For example, we offer a step-by-step plan and a range of implementation tools. SURF can also help you with issues such as privacy, security and new contracts.

Safety in the cloud

As a cloud service user, you need clear guidelines on confidentiality, privacy, security, ownership and availability. As a part of its services, SURF works to assess the potential, limitations and preconditions of cloud use. We offer clear guidelines on the use of cloud services and a secure and reliable community cloud featuring specific education and research services. 

Computing capacity in the cloud

Scientific researchers in a wide range of disciplines conduct complex calculations involving large volumes of data and major computing capacity. You need the ability to scale up your application (such as simulations and real-time data processing) and gain easy access to the cloud's computing capacity. Our HPC cloud service offers flexible and durable high performance computing clusters, which you can structure and adjust to meet your specific needs.

Share your challenges and submit your questions

If you are facing any ICT challenges or have any questions about the cloud, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assess your specific situation and provide information on the optimal use of available cloud services.

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