SURF cloud projects

The SURF operating companies SURFmarket, SURFnet and SURFsara support institutions in using cloud services. The key concepts of SURF's new approach to cloud technology are "demand-driven" and "together with early adopters". We are collaborating with institutions in 2 cloud projects to develop widely applicable services that will benefit everyone.

Most suitable supply model

The new cloud strategy offers the choice of three different supply models via SURF: the public cloud, the community cloud and a combination of the two. SURF is working with early adopters to take stock of their cloud service needs and wishes and select the most suitable supply model. We are collaborating with a number of institutions to develop widely applicable services that will soon benefit everyone. The cloud services SURFdrive and SURFcumulus are excellent examples of this method of working.

Two cloud projects

SURF is collaborating with a number of institutions in two cloud projects to develop new services.

Web hosting project

In this project, a number of institutions and SURF are exploring the possibilities of offering web-based services. Web services include web hosting and complementary services in this area, such the linking of databases and development modules for website building, where we will offer support for various applications like Wordpress and Joomla. The institutions are seeking better support for their users and want to offer an effective and future-proof solution for web services.

Participants: VU University Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, University of Groningen, Wageningen UR and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Projects with UMCs

The UMCs are going to collaborate with SURF in the field of ICT architecture. The 8 UMCs have been collaborating in the ICT field for some time already and have specified a shared reference architecture. They have asked SURF to assume control of the services that have been specified in the reference architecture. The initial collaboration is the development of Exchange and SharePoint.

Participants: VU University Medical Center, Academic Medical Center, University Medical Center Groningen, Leiden University Medical Center, University Hospital Maastricht, Radboud University Medical Center, Erasmus University Medical Center and University Medical Center Utrecht.

Latest modifications 26 Jan 2017