Digital rights

Digital rights affect researchers, lecturers and students, both in terms of in obtaining the rights to their own material and research data and where the rights and data of others are concerned.

Copyrights, licences, open access and more

Digital rights includes aspects such as copyright, licences, open access, the legal aspects of materials used in teaching and research repositories and the reuse of data, images and audio. Innovation in the area of e-learning and e-science is often hampered by digital rights issues. Please, visit our theme website on copyright in higher education.

Digital Rights Special Interest Group (SIG)

The issue of digital rights is key to SURF’s activities. Various SURF programmes and special interest groups (SIGs) focus on legal issues. The Digital Rights SIG brings together all existing experience and expertise in this area. Questions? Any questions on the subject of digital rights that are not addressed on this website can be put to the Digital Rights SIG via LinkedIn or SURFspace. The SIG will answer your questions at the earliest possible opportunity.

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