Learning and testing

Dutch higher education institutions work together within the framework of SURF to improve the quality of learning and testing. In innovation programmes the institutions identify new ICT developments and opportunities. They conduct educational experiments and develop new education services and products for the higher education sector.

OER, digital testing, learning analytics and study success

Working within the framework of the ‘Learning and testing’ theme, research universities and universities of applied sciences focus on the following aspects: 

  • Developing, using and reusing open educational resources (OER)
  • Digital testing as a means of improving academic progress and reducing lecturers’ workloads
  • Analysing data in order to gain insight into academic progress and the quality of teaching and testing materials (learning analytics)
  • Developing instruments to increase improve students’ academic progress and stimulate student enrolment, advancement and graduation
  • Reducing dropout rates and ensuring a better match between student and study programme by means of choice of study programme interviews 


SURF helps ICT and education professionals to gain and expand further professional knowledge on current themes:

  • SURFacademy (in Dutch): SURF’s training and professionalisation programme offers various master classes, workshops, webinars and seminars.
  • Education Days (De Onderwijsdagen, in Dutch): this annual event sees SURF and the various institutions present the latest educational innovations and trends.
  • Study trips: SURF organises study trips to relevant ICT conferences such as Educause (US).
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