Organisation of education

The process of organising education is one of the key activities at all universities of applied sciences and research universities. Effective auxiliary processes are crucial in ensuring a smooth education process. ICT plays an important role in terms of process design and organisation of education.

Education logistics

Education logistics – the full range of processes, systems and information flows within the education system – make it possible to streamline the education process. Current developments require flexible logistics processes and specific ICT support. 

Digital Learning and Working Environment (DLWO)

The digital learning and working environment (DLWO) is the sum total of all systems that enable students, researchers, staff and guests at the various education institutions to carry out their tasks. SURF supports institutions by offering instruments that allow them to develop their own vision on the digital learning and working environment.


The annual SISLink conference (in Dutch) is the ultimate forum for presenting and debating the latest developments and experiences in the area of student administration, educational logistics and Studielink. It also serves as a networking opportunity for institutions and the suppliers of student information systems (SIS).

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