Research in the business sector

In addition to scientific researchers, businesses and companies also use the services offered by SURF. The government, the business community, and knowledge institutions collaborate on a national as well as international level.

Fortissimo & Fortissimo 2

Fortissimo is an EU project that makes simulations accessible to the SME sector. HPC providers, domain experts and software suppliers throughout Europe are developing new simulation and modelling services and making these available to other companies. The intended result is the creation of a marketplace for simulation and modelling services.

Company research departments

Collaboration with the business community is currently a must for many research proposals. It's therefore only logical that SURFnet also offers support to company research departments. SURFnet connects only those institutions that belong to its target group to the SURFnet network. A separate Research and Development BV of a commercial organisation that focuses primarily on scientific research may also be eligible for a connection to the SURFnet network.



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