Research information

For research results to be accessible, they have to be duly registered by an institution. SURF is working on a research information infrastructure that will make it easy to find and exchange research. Key elements within such an infrastructure are research repositories and research information systems (CRIS).

Infrastructure for research results

Research universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes all collect information about research. By labelling it with specific identifiers (metadata), completed research becomes easier to find and exchange. This research information includes details about scientific research such as the authors, location, funding, linked projects, collaboration partners and research results. SURF is developing an infrastructure that will enable institutions to register and provide access to their research results as effectively as possible. 

Research information systems

All manner of organisations collect information about research. Research universities and universities of applied sciences keep track of the work being done by their own researchers and of their researchers’ publications, which are registered in research information systems known as CRIS (Current Research Information Systems). SURF is currently seeking ways to facilitate the exchange of research information between institutions and research funding bodies. Information provided by a university CRIS forms the basis for the annual reports submitted to the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. 

Research repositories

Research results are linked together through CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) and digital research repositories. To the extent possible, scientific publications are made available in full text versions with open access. Researchers are given a unique number, known as a Digital Author Identifier, which allows all information pertaining to a particular researcher to be presented together. By attaching a persistent identifier, online research output always remains findable, even if its web location changes.

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