Collaboration tools

Would you like to send and receive files quickly, securely, and easily? Do you collaborate with other researchers in working on large data files? SURF offers solutions such as SURFfilesender, Beehub and SURFdrive. The files are stored in the Netherlands. Encryption offers an extra layer of security.

Online collaboration?

  • SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for the Dutch higher education and research community, offering an easy way to store, synchronise and share files. All data is securely stored within the Netherlands and all data transmitted over the networks is always encrypted. You get 100 GB data storage capacity. SURFdrive is available for you if your institution has a license.
  • With Beehub, you can save and share large volumes of research data. It is intended for storing and exchanging scientific data that has not yet been processed or analysed. This may involve extremely large data volumes.The 100 GB quota allocated to users as standard can be expanded upon request. Beehub enables you to easily share your data with other BeeHub users, even at other institutions or countries. It is also possible to create user groups and authorise them to access some or all of your data. BeeHub is an online service accessible by means of a web interface and a data transfer protocol (WebDAV). SURF's computing facilities provide easy access to files stored in BeeHub.
  • SURFfilesender enables you to send or receive files up to 500 GB quickly, safely and easily. For extra security, files up to 250 MB can be send using encryption. SURFfilesender is made possible is available to all institutions affiliated with SURFnet.

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