Compute services

SURFsara offers researchers working at universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions and companies a wide range of services in the area of High Performance Computing (HPC).

Obtain access to compute services 

A comprehensive HPC package of services

The following services are available:

  • Lisa Compute Cluster is a cluster computer service suitable for both large-scale computational work and more modest parallel applications;
  • Dutch National Supercomputer (Cartesius) is especially suited to large-scale parallel applications, such as extensive and complex simulations;
  • HPC Cloud offers users full control of their own computational infrastructure, which can range from a single workstation to a complete cluster. You are able to easily set up multiple virtual machines (VMs);
  • The Grid is suitable for tasks that cannot be performed on a single local or centralised cluster;
  • Big Data Services specialise in processing huge volumes of data with minimum effort;
  • Life Science Grid (LSG) is a grid infrastructure for researchers working in life sciences and features computer clusters at a number of locations (at research institutions and hospitals);
  • Visualisation is a remote visualisation service that enables researchers to visualise large volumes of data.

Which infrastructure for which research question?


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