Do you need fast and secure Internet connections between education or research institutions? SURF offers SURFinternet, SURFlichtpaden and Eduroam via your institution as well as customised solutions for your research projects.

Fast and secure connections

  • SURFinternet offers Dutch education and research institutions a fast and reliable Internet connection for 1 to 100 GB/s.
  • SURFlichtpaden enable you to create very fast connections between two locations. Light paths provide security, reliability and guaranteed high capacity. Light paths can be used for collaboration with other institutions in the Netherlands or abroad and for access to cloud providers. Light paths are available from 250 Mbps up to 100 Gbps. If you would like to set up a light path, please contact your institution's ICT department.
  • Eduroam is a service which enables you to securely access the wireless internet at your own institution and whilst visiting other participating institutions, using your institutional account. Safe and trustworthy Wi-Fi at 750 locations in the Netherlands and 12.000 locations in 76 countries.
  • More about the Research E-LAN through which researchers at the 8 UMCs exchange data with each other securely and quickly.

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Latest modifications 15 Dec 2017

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