Data services

SURF has developed a broad range of services for various phases in the data life-cycle. This involves not only (large quantities of) data being stored safely, but also aspects such as data management, data replication, data retention, and data identification.

Obtain access to data services

  • SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for the Dutch higher education and research community, offering an easy way to store, synchronise and share files. All data is securely stored within the Netherlands and all data transmitted over the networks is always encrypted. You get 250 GB data storage capacity. SURFdrive is available for you if your institution has a license.
  • Research Drive is intended for research teams who need large storage quotas and want to share data with other educational and governmental institutions or external private parties.
  • B2SAFE/Data replication makes it possible to save data to multiple locations in a secure fashion. In order to permanently be able to determine the location of data, persistent identifiers are used.
  • The SURFsara Data Archive is the central location for the archiving and storage of data, including long-term. The archive offers quick access to the SURFsara computing facilities.
  • Data Persistent Identifier: using PIDs ensures the findability of your data, now and always. SURFsara offers this service in cooperation with the European Persistent Identifier Consortium (EPIC).
  • Data Ingest is a service designed to transfer data from external hard disks to one of the SURFsara storage systems. 
  • Object Store provides a general purpose online storage service that may be used for storing large quantities of data. The service is ideal for storing various types of data, and has the ability to grow without restriction, while your data remains quickly and easily accessible.


Long-term storage in Trustworthy Digital Repositories (TDR)


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  • As an institution, research community, or individual researcher, you can archive (selections from) your research data for the long term in a Trustworthy Digital Repository. The RDNL-partners 4TU.Centre for Research Data, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), and SURFsara offer this standardised and well documented storage solution. Funders are increasingly demanding that your research data be stored in a TDR. By using long-term storage in Trustworthy Digital Repositories (TDR), you ensure that your research data remain traceable via Persistent Identifiers. This allows you to reuse existing data and archive your own data securely and sustainably.
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