Education institutions wish to give their students optimum access to their networks and details. Wireless connections make it possible to log into networks with your own equipment from virtually any location. Digital access through 1 single account gets ever more simplified. SURF helps institutions with the security aspects of all this.

Information security

Educational institutions wish to protect their information and applications against unauthorised access, but they also need to ensure that these can be accessed by students. SURF and SURFnet put a great deal of effort into security, for example by: 

  • developing shared policy and tools
  • assisting institutions to achieve a balance between security, guaranteeing privacy and access, and ease of use 

Identity management

SURF and SURFnet collaborate in the area of identity management. Identity management involves: 

  • Identification: determining the identity of system users
  • Authentication: determining whether people really are who they say they are
  • Authorisation: determining someone’s rights. Is the user entitled to make changes to files or only to read them?  

ICT security

Security within the ICT environments in education and research is constantly changing. SURFnet makes knowledge and expertise in this field – as generated by SURFnet and the education institutions – accessible to all the institutions. Connected institutions can access support on a 24/7 basis via SURFcert, SURFnet’s Computer Emergency Response Team.


What is the status of the security protection and continuity of your operating data and the privacy of your students and employees? And what about your partners within the chain? SURFaudit (in Dutch) enables you to answer questions about security and privacy.


SURF assists SCIPR, the national platform for data security experts in higher education. Within SCIPR, we work with the higher education institutions to improve professional information security within higher education.

Cybersave Yourself campaign

SURFnet has developed a security awareness campaign: Cybersave Yourself. It aims at making students and employees in education and research aware of the importance of internet security.


Latest modifications 15 Dec 2017