Communities about security

Institutions have a lot of on-premises security knowledge. By setting up communities, SURFnet helps to share the existing knowledge and to explore new topics together.


Information security staff and privacy officers from higher education talk to each other in SCIPR. The aim is to improve information security and privacy protection at university of applied sciences and research universities. Some of the ways SCIPR does this is by developing an information policy, security procedures and guidelines.


The SURFnet Community or Incident Response Teams (SCIRT) are a work group for – and supported by – the community. SCIRT's top priority is to achieve synergies among the security experts of SURFnet's member institutions. Even if you are already doing work that is related to the Cyber Security Incident Response Teams (SCIRT) in your institution, but you are not yet organised in a CSIRT, you can join SCIRT.

Latest modifications 20 Sep 2018