User experience guide for the digital learning environment

How do you achieve an optimal user experience for the modular digital learning environment? This is a challenge for many institutions. In this publication, you can read about the elements that influence the user experience, and you will be given tools to optimise the user experience of your own learning environment.

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Creating a valuable user experience

User experience is a user’s total experience of a digital learning environment. This is a challenge, because the composite modular learning environment consists of different applications. The solution can be found not only in the application(s) itself (themselves), but also in the interaction between the applications. In the user experience guide for the digital learning environment, you can read how we use Peter Morville's honeycomb model to create the conditions for a valuable learning environment and the way in which a user experience is created.

User interface design and the accessibility of applications

The way in which the application is set up (the user interface design) influences the user experience. The user experience guide shows that the way in which the applications are accessible within the application landscape also influences the user experience. Moreover, the honeycomb model is helpful in thinking about the application landscape of the digital learning environment.


Finally, the guide contains an overview of the various stakeholders in the organisation, who have an influence on the user experience of the digital learning environment. In addition to an overview of who they are, the way in which they have an influence will also be made clear.

Target audience

This paper is intended for people who are involved in the implementation of the digital learning environment. For example: project leaders, technical project leaders, technical/functional administrators, information managers, information architects and user interaction designers.