Vision document SURFnet vision on IAA: transition towards a user-centred focus

SURFnet drafted a vision on Identification, Authentication and Authorisation (IAA) in 2016. The aim is to outline the developments in IAA and to invite institutions to discuss this subject. To SURFnet, the vision provides a foundation for innovation and service delivery.

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Basic principles for several years

The vision is written so that it can be used for several years. This means that rather than establish a new vision every year, we will update certain points where necessary. In order to achieve this, the implementation and technology choices mentioned in the document are as limited as possible. This will allow a flexible response to developments and new technology for implementation in the future.

Description of trends

The vision document describes the most important trends in the world of IAA. Dutch and European identity systems such as Idensys, iDIN, eIDAS and eduGAIN are placed within a wider framework. It describes the role these systems can play in research and education and the trend towards greater privacy awareness.