Working at SURFmarket

SURFmarket is the prime IT marketplace for education and research. Thanks to SURFmarket, students, lecturers, researchers and staff can take advantage of the best-available conditions for purchasing software, cloud services, digital content and more.

Freedom and responsibility

At SURFmarket you will be given a lot of freedom and responsibility. You will be part of a team of 50, generally young, people. We are doers: practical, market-oriented and focused on results. If you come to work for us, you will contribute to our main goal: supplying reliable, secure, affordable and easy-to-use software, cloud services and scientific content to our customers. They purchase these products and services through our portals My SURFmarket and SURFspot, and the HBO Knowledge Base.

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Getting started at SURFmarket

The main principles underlying working at SURFmarket are:

  • Freedom, trust and responsibility

You are given extensive freedom to organise your own work, trusted to make your own choices and held responsible for what you do, create or say.

  • Combining work and private life

Along with freedom, trust and responsibility, you need the space to make conscious choices and find a good balance between your work and private life. We give you that space: we believe people perform better if they are allowed to alternate freely between work, care or relaxation.

  • Customer-oriented

At SURFmarket, the customer always comes first. It is therefore important that you are a good listener and service and solution-oriented.

Work placements at SURFmarket

Would you like to gain work experience with us? That’s possible. You can do a work-experience placement or conduct research. We will provide a great work atmosphere and support; all you have to do is think of an interesting final project!

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