EUDAT SUMMER School: strengthen your skills in research data management

On 26 t0 30 June, EUDAT and DICE project organising a Summer School in Kajaani, Finland.
This school aims to strengthen your skills required to excel in data management, getting you geared up to manage and process data throughout the full, research-data lifecycle (data discovery; data processing; data analysis; data preservation and publishing). Deadline for subscription is 25 May.
Cyber security students

Main Benefits

Financial Support

  • Courses are free
  • Majority of accepted applicants will benefit from free partial board (breakfast, lunches and coffee breaks) and lodging (accommodation from 25-30 June 2023).
  • Top applications will receive financial reimbursement towards travel costs (flights and/or train)

Certification & Opportunity for Extra Credits

  • All students that complete the EUDAT Summer School will be provided a certificate of completion and recommendation letter for the awarding of extra ECTS credits towards their academic programme in their home institution

Unique experiences

  • Experience the “midnight sun” - a natural phenomenon that occurs in the summer months where daylight exists even during midnight
  • Cutting-edge topics amidst nature - Kajaani is a city immersed in nature with a river, lake and woods and more! See nature attractions.
  • 26 hours a day - apparently, there are 26 hours in a day in Kajaani (according to the official city website)
  • Explore Finnish culture through traditions such as the Finnish sauna and the unique cuisine.

More information and online subscription