Filter your e-mail for viruses, spam and phishing

SURFmailfilter gives connected institutions an easy way of checking all their incoming and outgoing e-mail and filtering it for viruses, phishing and spam. SURFmailfilter detects at least 95% of spam. SURFmailfilter runs at SURFnet and is available for IPv4 and IPv6.

Filtering for viruses, phishing and spam

SURFmailfilter enables you to easily check all the institution's incoming and outgoing e-mail and to filter it for viruses, phishing and spam. This is done before the e-mail is delivered to your institution's e-mail server, or right after the e-mail is sent via your server. At least 95% of spam is detected this way. SURFmailfilter is available for IPv4 and IPv6.

You don't need your own spam filter anymore

SURFmailfilter is a centralised service that runs at SURFnet, meaning that connected institutions no longer need to run their own spam or virus filtering. The system also collects your incoming e-mail if your mail server is down temporarily.

Many setting options

You can set the filter properties per domain or subdomain via a web interface and decide what should be done with the filtered messages. You can also give staff and students the option of setting their own filtering rules, also via a web interface.

Who is SURFmailfilter for?

SURFmailfilter is available for all institutions that are connected to SURFnet and is used by ICT administrators.

Rates 2018

SURFmailfilter costs:

  • for institutions other than educational institutions and for institutions with 0 - 2,500 students: EUR 318 per month (excluding VAT);
  • for educational institutions with 2,501 - 5,000 students: EUR 529 per month (excluding VAT);
  • for educational institutions with more than 5.000 students: EUR 846 per month (excluding VAT).

Apply for SURFmailfilter

The institution's contact person can apply online for SURFmailfilter via SURFdashboard.

More information

This is an optional SURFnet service.

Latest modifications 31 Jan 2018