Proper security is increasingly important because of the increasing dependence on ICT in education and research. SURF's ambition is to make institutions resilient against cybercriminals. Among other things, by helping them reach NBA maturity level 3.
Angry security

Continuous efforts on awareness, organisation and technology are needed to keep working safely. From administrators to administrators and researchers to students, everyone plays a role in being able to continue studying, working and researching safely.

Remco Poortinga-van Wijnen

Remco Poortinga - van Wijnen


During NOZON weeks in March, many institutions realistically tested their preparedness for a cyber crisis with a tabletop cyber crisis exercise. What did they learn? You can read it in this article.


SURF Communities


Studenten, docenten en onderzoekers zijn gebaat bij een veilige online omgeving. Maar hoe pak je dat als instelling aan? Deze community is voor iedereen in onderwijs en onderzoek die kennis en ervaring wil delen en/of meer wil weten over zaken op het gebied van (cyber)security.