Identity & access management

Together with institutions, we arrange safe and easy access to services. We do this for students, researchers and staff, but also for external people such as guest lecturers, researchers and consultants. We share knowledge, develop services and innovate with new concepts. Read all about what we do in the field of identity and access management (IAM).
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Your digital identity is the basis for everything you do in the digital world. It is important to have control over that as an industry. By working together, we can make good arrangements for that.

Arnout Terpstra

Arnout Terpstra


Identity & access management, or IAM for short, is an area of expertise that is high on the agenda in education and research. There are more and more applications and platforms available to us, and most of them cannot use them without our digital identity.


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Trust en identity

Samen met instellingen regelen we veilige en gemakkelijke toegang tot diensten. Dat doen we voor studenten, docenten en onderzoekers. We delen kennis en innoveren met nieuwe concepten. Wil jij deelnemen aan deze community? Word lid van deze community door in te loggen met je instellingsaccount en je aan te melden.