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Available services and products: 55

    One central place for information about copyright issues

    Service/product - acts as a single point of reference for education staff, instructors, students and researchers to find reliable information on issues relating to copyright.

  • AV-contractentool
    Assistance in creating contracts for audiovisual productions

    Service/product - The AV contract tool helps researchers, instructors, students and staff to draw up contracts setting out agreements on the distribution and use of photos and videos.

  • Consultancy
    Our expert advisors ensure the perfect ICT solution for your research

    Service/product - SURFsara possesses a wealth of experience in the field of ICT services for researchers. If you need help developing/improving your application or designing your infrastructure, then you've come to the right place. Our experts will be happy to lend their expertise to support your research.

  • Content
    Access to content under favourable conditions

    Service/product - (Scientific) publications and databases which are important for education and research are published by domestic and international publishers. SURFmarket makes agreements with these publishers so that institutions can access this content under the most favourable conditions.

  • Cybersave Yourself

    Service/product - Would you like to raise awareness of Internet hazards among your employees and students, so that they contribute to a safer network and fewer security and privacy incidents? Then use Cybersave Yourself, the security campaign for education and research. It includes a toolkit with materials that you can adapt to the visual identity of your institute.

  • Data Archive
    Secure, long-term storage of research data on tape

    Service/product - The Data Archive is the centralised location for data archiving and (long-term) storage. You can securely store research data there, even in volumes running into the petabytes. It is possible to shape your data management policy through the use of the EUDAT B2SAFE service. The archive provides quick access to SURFsara's computing facilities.

  • Data Ingest Service
    Tool for uploading large amounts of data to the SURFsara systems

    Service/product - The Data Ingest Service is intended for researchers who want to store or analyse large amounts of data at SURFsara. The service is convenient for users who lack sufficient bandwidth or who have stored their data on a number of external hard disks.

  • Data Persistent Identifier
    Your data is always findable thanks to a unique, permanent code

    Service/product - Persistent identifiers (PIDs) ensure the findability of your data, now and always. PIDs are comparable to the ISBN numbers assigned to books. Even if the location or underlying infrastructure changes, the reference path remains intact. SURFsara offers the PID service in cooperation with the European Persistent Identifier Consortium (EPIC).

  • Dutch National Supercomputer
    The Dutch national supercomputer for maximum performance

    Service/product - The Dutch National Supercomputer, Cartesius, is the flagship of SURFsara services. It is the most comprehensive system in the field of capability computing in the Netherlands. Cartesius is especially in high demand for its combination of fast processors and internal network, large storage capacity and the ability to process large datasets.

  • eduroam
    Secure online access with your own credentials

    Service/product - eduroam gives students, lecturers, staff and researchers quick and easy access to the fixed and wireless networks at their own institution and at other institutions that offer this service. At more than 25.000 locations in more than 85 countries.

  • eduVPN
    Using internet and institutional services encrypted on unsafe networks

    Service/product - eduVPN makes untrusted networks secure, by establishing an encrypted connection. This way, students, lecturers and researchers can use the Internet securely everywhere, and you can grant access to your institution's protected systems securely, even if users are using the Internet connection on a train, a square, or at home.

  • Grid
    Distributed computer system for fast processing of big data sets

    Service/product - The grid infrastructure offers a large number of compute and data storage clusters that are linked to one another through a high-speed network connection. These clusters are housed in data centres of organisations all over the world.

  • HBO Knowledge Base
    Making theses and research publications available

    Service/product - Within universities of applied sciences, many publications such as articles, research reports and graduation projects are produced by lecturers, lecturer researchers and students. HBO Knowledge Base makes these resources accessible and available for exchange and (re-)use.

  • HPC Cloud
    Your own computing infrastructure - no need to purchase hardware

    Service/product - HPC Cloud gives you and your project team complete control over your computing infrastructure. The infrastructure ranges from a single work station to a complete cluster and can be expanded to suit your needs. You can use your own operating system and analysis software. HPC Cloud is housed in SURF's own data centre.

  • Jupyter Notebook
    Accessible and interactive data analysis for research and education

    Service/product - A Jupyter Notebook is an interactive web application that you can use to create documents, known as notebooks, that contain computer code, formatted text, comparisons and visualisations. The code can be executed in the environment and you can even create streaming applications and dashboards.