Services offered by SURF

At SURF, we develop IT services for education and research. Members and non-members can make use of these services. Read how we can help you further improve your education and research with IT.

Basic fees

SURF has 2 basic fees. Each basic fee includes a number of services that you are free to use if your institution pays that basic fee. We also offer services that you can purchase at an additional charge.

More about SURF's basic fees

8 domains

SURF's portfolio is subdivided into the 8 domains below:

Want to know more?

You can find all SURF services, including rates, conveniently together in the SURF Services and Rates 2022 brochure (PDF).
Please note: the rates apply to SURF members.

Would you like to purchase services from SURF? Mail to SURF Klantsupport, Or contact your relationship manager at SURF.

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