In SURF, together with educational and research institutions, we develop and deliver the best possible ict services. We also share knowledge about ICT developments and innovations. We work on the following themes.

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Technological innovations

What technological innovations are we seeing appear, and how can we apply them in education and research? How do we deal with the challenges of AI? How do we exploit quantum computing?


How do we best use ICT to support research? And how do we continue to work on open science?


What are we doing to make the digitisation of education as successful as possible? How do we deploy study data and ensure that learning materials are as widely available as possible.

Network connectivity

What should the network look like that best enables teaching and research to excel, now and in the future?


What trends do we see that will influence education and research? And what can we already do now to benefit from them?

Identity- & accessmanagement

What do we do to ensure users are in control of their identity, and how do we ensure everyone has safe and easy access to the right online services?


How do we protect our industry from cybercriminals? And how do we improve privacy and information security at institutions?

Autonome sector

How do we protect public values such as autonomy and inclusion for all in education and research? But also: how do we avoid a verdor lock-in with the big tech companies?