LUMI: Europe's fastest supercomputer

Do you want to perform computations on an extreme scale? Meet LUMI, the fastest supercomputer in Europe. LUMI offers all the facilities you need to run your GPU-accelerated or AI applications at an unprecedented scale.
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Unprecedented scale

LUMI offers a large GPU partition that enables running GPU-accelerated applications on an extreme scale.


LUMI uses 100 percent renewable electricity. Waste heat produced by LUMI is used to heat hundreds of households in the city of Kajaani, Finland, where LUMI is located.

Easy access

Half of LUMI's computational resources belong to the LUMI consortium countries. Access to LUMI for pilot and regular projects can be obtained directly via SURF and NWO.

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Computing power

LUMI is the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the fifth fastest in the world. It is a pre-exascale system based on AMD technology. It contains 2048 CPU-based compute nodes and 2978 GPU nodes, interconnected with a fast Slingshot-11 network.

HPC and AI workloads

LUMI's large GPU partition consists of 2978 nodes, each containing 4 AMD MI250x GPUs. The GPUs are directly connected to the Slingshot-11 interconnect, which makes LUMI especially suitable for processing GPU-accelerated workloads and AI projects on a large scale.


Support for LUMI is available through SURF and the LUMI User Support Team (LUST). Our experts will support you in installing the software required for your research, running your applications and making efficient use of the resources that LUMI offers.


LUMI op beurs

With a training from the LUMI User Support Team, on-site in the Netherlands, you will learn how to work with large supercomputing systems directly from the experts at one of the largest supercomputers in the world. View the current training offer on the LUMI website

Information for users

See the LUMI user guide for detailed user information and technical specifications.

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