SURF is the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research

Driving ICT innovation in education and research together

More than 100 education and research institutions in the Netherlands work together in the SURF cooperative to fully utilise the opportunities of digitalisation. Our goal: improved and more flexible education and research.

SURF agenda

  1. SURF Research Week

    SURF Research Week

    13 — 15 Apr
    Learn more about the latest mind-blowing opportunities in high performance computing and data technology for your scientific research.

SURF stories

Personal stories about the impact of our innovations.

Pieter Bots TUDelft

PRESTO: Peer assessment in relay form

An innovative and educational form of education, but also a moral dilemma. Says lecturer Technical Public Administration Pieter Bots.

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Leo van Kampenhout

'We are all in the same boat'

He was always quite capable of keeping an academic distance from his research on climate change. Read the story of climate scientist Leo van Kampenhout (UU), who studies the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and its effect on the rise in sea levels.

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Onderzoeker Fleur Meddens van de Vrije Universiteit

The doctorate of a sweet tooth

For years we have known that almost all forms of human behaviour are partly hereditary. Read the story of Fleur Meddens (VU and EUR) about predicting behaviour on the basis of DNA.

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Working at SURF

Working at SURF means working in an innovative organisation that plays an important role in society. Do you wish to set ambitious goals, and continue to develop your personal strengths? Then working at SURF might be just the thing for you.

Employee story

"My colleagues are all very different people, but share the same passion and sense of humour. This makes my work a lot of fun."

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wladimir mufty surf medewerker

Measures by SURF around the coronavirus

During the corona crisis, SURF is doing everything in its power to provide extra support to our affiliated institutions with ICT services for education and research. We have taken extra measures to that end and made new services and knowledge available.