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SURF Short

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SURF Short: What you need to know about...

Get a 15-minute biweekly update on the latest technological developments in education and research. One expert from SURF gives you brief and concise insight into an emerging technology, concluding with a tip to deepen your understanding of the topic.

Listen to the podcast now via your favourite podcast channel so you know what you need to know about ChatGPT, Quantum, XR, Microcredentialing and many other current topics in education and research.

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SURF Sounds

Cooperation between SURF & Podcast

SURF Sounds: Dive into the depths

'We need to do something with this...'

In SURF Sounds, we dive into the depths of current themes in education and research that call for vision formation and a new direction. Each month, a prominent guest from the institutions sits down next to an expert from SURF to delve deeper into themes such as Futuring, Responsible AI and Sustainable computing. Listen to a new episode each month via your favourite podcast channel.