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Students and lecturers have ever-changing needs when it comes to using tools in education. An institution must be able to respond flexibly to this with its digital learning environment. But how do you arrive at a vision for the learning environment, what is a modular learning environment and what integration issues are involved?
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Iris Huis in 't Veld

Iris Huis in ‘t Veld


The VU, UU and RUG jointly developed a VR teaching method to let law students argue in a very realistic setting, called PleitVRij. The teaching method is a success, but further development and scaling up does not happen by itself. What is involved and what has been achieved in the project 'Learning with Virtual Reality: The Next Level'?

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Digitale Leer- en Werkomgeving

Hier kun je kennis rondom Digitale Leer- en Werkomgeving delen, vinden en bediscussiëren. Je kunt je ook aanmelden om "lid" te worden van de DLWO SIG via