• Share your thoughts and vote on the evolution of EOSC and FAIR data

    News - The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), is the European program that builds a virtual environment for all researchers to store, manage, analyse and re-use data for research, innovation and educational purposes. Share your wishes and thoughts via the online EOSC Stakeholder Open Consultation.

  • How machine learning can improve HPC applications

    News - Together with partners from various scientific domains we are investigating whether and how machine learning and deep learning are suitable technologies to augment, accelerate or replace scientific workloads on a supercomputer. We do this within the SURF Open Innovation Lab project Machine learning enhanced high performance computing applications.

  • A national servicedesk for the international ELIXIR research infrastructure

    News - SURFsara has developed a proof of concept of an ELIXIR supportdesk based on our national servicedesk model. The supportdesk assists users in ELIXIR ID and service registration using the ELIXIR Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure. It is now ready to be further applied within ELIXIR’s European research infrastructure for life sciences.

  • Data prize promises to be exciting with 47 submissions

    News - A total of 47 data sets were submitted in different categories. A jury will examine the received entries. The winner will be announced at the award ceremony on November 28. Will you be there? Sign up now.

  • Securely linking and analysing scientific data with ODISSEI Data Facility

    News - SURF is working with Statistics Netherlands (CBS) on a virtual IT environment that allows researchers to analyse linked data in a high performance computing environment: the ODISSEI Data Facility (ODF).

  • Edit SURFdrive-documents online and with others at the same time

    News - From now on, you can edit your SURFdrive documents using your web browser. This means you no longer need to save your files locally or install software. What's more, files that you share with other SURFdrive users can be edited by each user at the same time.

  • Who will win the Dutch Data Prize?

    News - Are you a researcher with a good example of shared data? Do you know a researcher who is? Don’t forget to nominate yourself, another researcher or a research group before the 1st of July. The prize consists of a sculpture and € 5.000 to make the data (even) more accessible.

  • 3D data printing appeals to the imagination

    News - In the context of the SURF Open Innovation Lab the use of 3D printing for applications in scientific visualization was studied. Through several use cases, from varying scientific domains, the researchers got insight into the practical sides of producing 3D prints from 3D scientific data and the relevance of this technique.

  • Lisa Compute Cluster expanded with GPUs for machine learning

    News - SURF's Lisa Compute Cluster has been expanded with a GPU cluster for extremely rapid computations. These graphics processing units are especially suitable for machine learning, and can dramatically speed up scientific research.

  • Andres Steijaert wins the GÉANT Community Award 2018

    News - Andres Steijaert, SURF employee, received the GÉANT Community Award 2018 during TNC18 in Trondheim. GÉANT, the European education and research network, awarded Steijaert the prize for the unstinting commitment he has brought to his work on providing a good and secure cloud service for European education and research. The jury's vote was unanimous.

  • Atos Quantum Learning Machine available at SURFsara

    News - In the context of the SURF Open Innovation Lab, ATOS QLM30, the Atos Quantum Learning Machine, is available at SURFsara for experimental purposes in the field of quantum computing.

  • Join the National day of sustainability in higher education

    News - Are you a student or professional interested in sustainability and ICT? Some parts of the National day of sustainability in higher education (NDDHO18) are in English. You will recognize the English sessions by the English title and summary. NDDHO18 takes place on May 25 at the TU Eindhoven.

  • SURF is working with partners to back up and share transatlantic capacity

    News - SURF, together with the other ANA (Advanced North Atlantic) consortium members – Internet2, ESnet, CANARIE, NORDUnet and GÉANT - signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the NEAAR project (Networks for European, American and African Research). One of the focal points of this agreement is to secure benefits in terms of bandwidth.

  • SURFnet's CTO Erik Huizer moves to GÉANT

    News - After 6 years, Erik Huizer is announcing his departure as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at SURFnet. As of 1 July 2018, Erik Huizer will be the CEO of GÉANT, the pan-European research and education network, of which SURFnet is a member. We regret his departure, but look forward to working with him in his new role.

  • Sending multiple files at once and larger encrypted files with SURFfilesender

    News - From now on, you can use SURFfilesender, our service for sending large files, to send multiple files simultaneously. Furthermore, you can send encrypted files of up to 2 GB. The service's look has also been updated.