A superfast, exclusive connection

A super-fast, exclusive connection. Need a super-fast, highly reliable connection to another institution, data centre or service provider, for example? With a EVPN-connection (Previously SURFichtpaden) you create an exclusive, direct connection outside the public Internet. Our EVPN's offer extra security, reliability and high, guaranteed capacity.
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Your own direct connection

A direct private connection directly between your location and any other connection point, outside the public internet.

High guaranteed capacity and continuity

Choose the variant that exactly suits your continuity and capacity requirements.

Ideal for privacy-sensitive or large data sets

Ideal for accessing data centres and service providers, transporting privacy-sensitive data or sending large amounts of research data.

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Sander Klemann

Sander Klemann


EVPN connections

Discover EVPN (Previously SURFlichtpaden) in a nutshell in this video. You may have to accept third-party cookies (= YouTube) to see the animation.

EVPN in practice

With a EVPN, you create an exclusive, direct connection outside the public internet. EVPN's offer extra security, reliability and high, guaranteed capacity. Below are a number of practical applications of EVPN.

Outsourcing of data centre by Haagse Hogeschool

Haagse Hogeschool outsourced its data centre and chose a EVPN-connection for the connection with the data centre. Importantly, the capacity and continuity between the data centre and the campus remained guaranteed. This connection must of course be optimally protected, against DDos attacks for example. With EVPN, The Hague University of Applied Sciences created a strong and secure path between the data centre and the campus.

Shared data and computing infrastructure for umc's

Researchers at umc's work with large amounts of data, often of a sensitive nature. This data needs to be shared between them quickly, securely and easily. Here, a good, shared data and infrastructure is very important. Our lightpaths enable a secure network environment, shielded from the internet, to which every umc can connect.

Connection options

To further ensure connection continuity, we also offer EVPN - Point-to-point Redundant. This way, the lightpath is even better protected against fibre breaks and equipment failures.

Setting up a virtual private network via EVPN multipoint and L3VPN multipoint

As an institution, do you work together from several different locations and want to set up online collaborations in a single network? Or do you want to use cloud providers in a secure but also convenient way? You can set up a virtual private network with an EVPN multipoint and L3VPN multipoint via SURF's network.

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Customised advice

Curious about the possibilities for your institution? No two situations are the same, which is why we provide tailor-made advice. Please contact your institution's advisor or SURF Klantsupport at klantsupport@surf.nl.