Secure exchange of education data

SURFeduhub is the platform for sharing educational data between Dutch educational institutions. Safely and via open standards. For example, students can easily view the educational programmes of their own institution and other institutions, timetables or study progress information.
Studenten kunnen online inschrijven voor minoren bij partneruniversiteiten


Various teaching dates available to students

A national education catalogue where students can view the offerings and timetables of various institutions.

Flexibility and student mobility

Dutch education becomes more flexible and you promote student and worker mobility.

Linked to the RIO

SURFeduhub will become the standard for filling DUO's Registration of Institutions and Programmes (RIO) for higher education.

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Tibert van Dijk

Tibert van Dijk


What is SURFeduhub?

With SURFeduhub you exchange educational data to facilitate student mobility and flexibilisation of education. Think of data on educational offers, timetables and study progress information. SURFeduhub allows you to make this data available across all institutions. SURFeduhub is a central linking point that ensures that institutions can offer their educational data in a uniform and secure manner to various data customers.

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Register of Institutions and Study Programmes (RIO)

An important data customer is DUO's Register of Institutions and Study programmes (RIO). SURFeduhub is linked to RIO so that institutions can automatically upload educational data to RIO.

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SURFeduhub for student mobility

Infographic studentmobiliteit

Find out how SURFeduhub is being used to unlock education supply data and student data exchange between institutions.

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Questions or need help?

Do you have a question about contracts, procedures or the possibilities of SURFeduhub? Or do you need help connecting? Then contact the SURFeduhub team.