Seminar Foresight Practices

Calling all strategists & futurists! In today's era of rapid digital transformations and societal shifts, predicting a certain future is becoming increasingly difficult. Do you want to learn to anticipate the unpredictable? Discover opportunities, challenges and new perspectives to be prepared for the future.

Close-up van lichtpeertje die aanstaat
28 Nov 2024
10:00 - 17:00u.
SURF Utrecht

In the midst of these swirling currents of change, this seminar provides a platform for collective exploration and learning. Together, we will delve into futures thinking and foresight, recognising that our collective insights hold the key to unlocking new pathways forward.
Join us, not as mere spectators of the future, but as active participants in shaping it.

09:30h. Walk-in
10:00h. Welcome by Ron Augustus (CINO SURF) & Gül Akcaova (lead futurist SURF)
12:00h. Lunch
13:00-16:30h. Program tbd
16:30h. Wrap up & drinks


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