Minister Adriaansens (midden) krijgt het manifest overhandigd (foto: Marco de Swart)

SURF signs for sustainable digitisation

The National Coalition for Sustainable Digitisation (NCDD) is calling on the government to make an integrated approach to sustainable digitisation through a manifesto. SURF values sustainable digitisation and is therefore a proud co-signatory of the NCDD's manifesto.

Bottlenecks and solutions

The manifesto calls attention to the biggest bottlenecks around sustainable digitalisation. These include the lack of the right data, the lack of integration of the energy and digital system and insufficient international visibility. It also offers suggestions and solutions to address the six bottlenecks.  

In co-creation towards international leader

With the manifesto (pdf), the NCDD wants to cash in on existing opportunities, remove bottlenecks and develop a roadmap so that the Netherlands eventually becomes a sustainable international digital leader. The NCDD sees a clear pioneering role for itself, but it wants to involve government, business, knowledge institutes and citizens in this through co-creation. 

In October 2022, the manifesto was handed over to Minister Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Climate. 

About the NCDD

The National Coalition for Sustainable Digitisation (Dutch only) is a public-private partnership between government, industry, educational and research institutions and civil society organisations. SURF is one of the 70 organisations that signed the manifesto.