SURF Research Day

Mark your calendar for SURF Research Day 2023. It’s the national conference that connects research, IT and innovation. The event takes place on May 23rd 2023. It's free!

SURF Research Day

SURF Research Support Champion Awards

This year SURF is organising the 3rd edition of the SURF Research Support Champion Awards. The awards will be presented during Research Day 2023 on May 23.

Research Support Champions

Why the Research Support Champion Awards?

When conducting research, we are becoming increasingly dependent on information technology and all the software and hardware involved. Support in the areas of research data management, ICT and open science plays a major role in this, because good research does not happen without good research support.

SURF annually presents the Research Support Champion Awards to give innovators of research support a platform to increase their impact and to inspire others.

All winners Hall of Fame

All winners of past editions of the Research Support Champion Awards.

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Who will you nominate as Research Support Champion 2023?

SURF Research Support Champions are individuals who have made outstanding efforts to support research at their institution. Nominate a colleague!

By research supporters we mean anyone who supports researchers in the field of research data management, ict and open science. In storing, managing, archiving and sharing their research data, but also with software development and advice on research applications. Think of data stewards, ict workers, librarians or research assistants.

Our jury will choose a winner in three sectors:

  • Universities of Applied Sciences
  • Universities
  • Umc's & research institutes

In total, three Research Support Champions will be honored.

Nominate a colleague!

Do you have a colleague you think deserves a prize because she is always available for questions about data management? Has developed a handy intranet page where everything for research can be found? Because he explained to you the importance of FAIR data? Did a colleague speed up your research by pointing out handy tools? Is she a passionate advocate of open data, or has he designed handy flyers?

Rules of the game:

  • Anyone, regardless of position, may nominate one or more names. You can also nominate a colleague from another institution, or yourself!
  • The champion is a person, so you cannot nominate a team.
  • A jury will judge all nominations submitted. This assessment will take place on the basis of the answers given in this nomination form. So make sure your nomination is as complete as possible and add relevant links.
  • All nominees will receive a message from SURF, as they must agree to their nomination.

Nominate your colleague or yourself no later than April 1, 2023 using the form below.

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Your information

If you have nominated someone other than yourself, please fill in your own contact details below. We may contact you for more information.

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