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Common digital sovereignty priority SURF cooperative

This week, SURF's Members' Council approved the Innovation Zone of Common Digital Sovereignty. In this zone, SURF and its members will work together as a cooperative in the coming years to be in control of our own digital environment as a sector, now and in the future. This will enable institutions to make concrete work of public values.
Especially with a topic like common digital sovereignty, we can show the power of cooperation within a cooperative. I look forward to sinking my teeth into this together with our members.
Ron Augustus, CINO SURF


The innovation zone is working within five different lines, called roadmaps, on different components that contribute to the digital sovereignty of research and education and the operations required to do so. These roadmaps are awareness & transition, open source, AI, sourcing and procurement.


Now that the Members' Council has approved the innovation zone, the next period will be devoted to getting the zone up and running. For instance, the steering of the zone by a representative representation from the members will be shaped. The roadmaps will also be fleshed out and the priority activities for each topic will be identified. In addition, further coordination will take place between programmes such as Npuls, other innovation zones and ongoing related initiatives.

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